Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Bookstore Clerk

My newest one, The Bookstore Clerk, from JMS Books, will be out very shortly. About the days when I worked in Doubleday, Scribner's, Brentano's bookstores on NY's 5th Avenue and a few down in Greenwich Village. Boy, those were my reading days, and I sure read a lot, besides other things, too ;)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Always Looking

My newest one, Always Looking, from JMS Books.

"I started going out early with girls and guys, not for sex because at that age, who the hell knew what sex was?"

With those words, Danny's coming-of-age begins. From the gloomy, stifling hallways of high school in the 1960's to the vast expanse of 1970's New York, young Danny explores the complexities of love and lust in the arms of Luba, a girl he believes himself in love with, and then in the company of various men, from whom he learns his true nature.

Raised by a poor, single mother whose upcoming marriage to a second husband threatens Danny's shaky world, Danny finds that accepting -- and ultimately embracing -- the unpredictability and promise of his future means letting go of the past and taking the leap of faith he knows he needs in his journey to maturity.

JMS Books