Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Staten Island Fairy

Staten Island Fairy

I had wandered into the Ferry Terminal in my usual walks through the city. I was supposed to meet Olena in the Village but again she didn’t show up. I was pissed and found myself walking downtown. I had no idea where I was going but the walk was very pleasant and interesting. The buildings, the stores, the people were all new to me and I just walked on, heedless of where I was going.

I knew NY was surrounded by water and many times as I walked glimpsed docks and ports on my way until I came to the tip of Manhattan. But the place was peopled by crowds rushing inside of a terminal. The signs read Staten Island Ferry, so I shrugged, threw in a dime into the turnstile and found myself on the deck of a huge ferry boat.

Damn, where was I going? I wondered.

I took a seat with the rest of the crowd, as they read newspapers, but it got quickly boring so I stood up and walked around the deck. Wandered from end to end all around the boat and found myself going into the bathroom to pee. One guy stood at the urinals but he didn’t look at me so I unzipped and pulled my penis out. Ah, it felt good, peering on water as the ferry churned along…

I heard movement and out of the corner of my eye saw the guy moving away from the urinals he had been standing at. I shook my dick a few times and turned around. The guy was standing, leaning back against the sink, his dick out of his pants and hard as hell. I watched him pull the skin back…And strangely I blushed, but didn’t know why, and I felt my own dick begin to harden in my jeans. Again I saw the guy’s penis bounce up and down as he stood there and licked his lips. I stared at the dick as if fascinated then shook my head, turned and walked out of the bathroom. Outside I found a seat but far away from the bathroom…

I didn’t see the man when the boat docked on Staten Island but I turned about and took the next boat back…I quickly found the bathroom and held my stiff penis before the urinal. I heard someone enter…my face was very red…


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