Thursday, April 3, 2008



Mykola Dementiuk

I had been secretly seeing Olena because she was engaged to this guy and she or me didn’t want the information to leak out; the thing was he was in Vietnam, defending his country, and it wouldn’t do any good if someone found out she was a two-timer -- most of all with me….

Earlier, in the neighborhood I had seen him pouncing on guys he suspected were taking advantage and double-crossing him and I sure didn’t want to be the one with a black-eye from his fist.

But Olena was easy, too easy, very innocent and naïve, and a flirt. Tell her that she’s a nice girl and that you really like her and she would melt in your arms as easy as…well, like taking candy from a baby. Because it was her little girlishness that lured her into trouble around guys, that’s why Ray, her fiancé, kept her under lock and key, or at the least some kind of control once he wasn't around. He was very possessive and jealous but he hadn’t been at home for almost a year, fighting in the jungles of Vietnam, and I easily got close to her and kept it as quiet as she did too.

It was her idea we see Goldfinger; James Bond still wasn’t very well known but she had seen an earlier film of his, Dr. No, and was dying to see another one; but a midnight showing at the Paramount in Times Square? Well, I didn’t know about that….

“Oh, c’mon,” she pouted and her little girl’s voice said, “We can make doity in the balcony.” My cock rose as she said this, her eyes flirting, the breasts standing up, having increased in size and the little girl had become a rabid horny slut that I had every intention of filling up. She winked and said, “Anyway, there won’t be many people at that time of night, OK?”

I leered at her and said, “Yes, OK, I can’t wait,” pressing my hard dick against her.

That weekend, a Sunday night, we got up to Times Square around 11:30 pm. Right away we saw the mobs of people going in to see the ‘spy-lover’ and she was very disappointed, finally thinking that in a slow scene we could kiss and make-out but with the number of people going into the Paramount it was unlikely that anyone wouldn’t see what we were doing.

It was not until the movie began, with its haunting music, “Goldfinger, he’s the man, the man with the Midas touch…” that she relaxed and concentrated on her popcorn and forgot about me as she didn’t intend to do. But I didn’t care; I forgot about her too and got wrapped in the drama and tension as well. Laughing and shouting and gasping at the actors as they tried to stop the gold of Fort Knox from getting stolen by the Chinese hoodlums. There was Pussy Galore, Goldfinger's lovely secretary, and Odd Job, his evil Chinese derby-hated henchman, who everybody loved, and the evil Goldfinger himself who got killed as he fell out of an airplane in the end leaving James Bond with Pussy to cascade down to earth ….Man that was the best film I ever saw!

I rode Olena near her home, each one talking and jabbering but we finally separated on the subway platform near where she lived. Sadly the following week Ray was back from Vietnam and a few months after that him and Olena got married. She had 2 or 3 kids in rapid succession, one after the other….I avoided running into Ray in the neighborhood but wondered if he ever found out about Olena and me, but there was nothing to find out; James Bond got in the way…which I'm glad he did.

I still come by Times Square, once in awhile, but it’s so much a different place….The movies, the peepshows, the hookers all have been sanitized and cleaned up….Even the Paramount has been shut down a few times and reopened into its old boring splendor that can never take the place of the old house…Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra sang in the old hall...Oh well…think I’ll go now….

Goldfinger, he’s the man, the man with a Midas touch…Such a cold finger....” Shirley Bassey sung that, Elvis and Frank didn't.

Some memories and tunes never die….

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